Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year!

Revilla understands that since COVID is still present in our community, students may miss school due to close contact, illness, or a school closure. While we will be as flexible as possible with attendance, our production requirements have not changed. Whether a student is in the building or at home, we expect them to be working on their courses.

To ensure the success of your student, the Revilla staff has made sure that every student:

1.  Has work they can do independently, this may be online or

packet based

2. Knows how get a hold of Revilla staff member if they have questions

While there is some flexibility for individual circumstances, choosing not to meet production requirements could result in a loss of seat in our program. Production requirements are set in order for students to keep pace for graduation.

Please feel free to call Revilla with any questions or to check your student’s progress.


Revilla Staff